University of Maryland

We are partnered with the University of Maryland’s Geospatial Information Sciences program to develop GIS systems and provide data analysis and reporting focused on domestic and international agriculture.

Department of Defense

We provide systems engineering and database architecture services to the Department of Defense in support of an IT modernization project. Radius collects, develops, analyzes, documents and vets technical and functional system requirements. Other tasks include determining system specifications, processes and working parameters. Radius also provides DOD with access control agents and special security officers for technical and executive support.

Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration

Radius performs physical security and technical surveillance services for the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). These services include Program Management Support, Domestic Field Division Support, Vulnerability Assessment, Operations Security Support and Control of Classified Material.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Radius has provided IT Security Training, Certification and Accreditation (C&A) and Independent Verification and IT Validation (IV & V) services to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. In addition, Radius supported documentation management, IT coordination and systems integration for this customer.

Department of Labor

For the Department of Labor, Radius has performed technical writing, information security and disaster recovery services. These services include continuity of operations planning support, system security plan and risk assessment support, IT capital planning support and enterprise architecture services.