Radius Services

At Radius we use a customer focused IT services delivery framework to execute and manage the critical elements of each client engagement. Our PMO leverages Radius’ corporate assets to provide the tools subject matter expertise and personnel that deliver high quality mission focused solutions.

Our 360Management framework is applied to delivery of all our solutions and helps improve the efficiency, operational capacity and security of our client’s environment. Please take a moment and discover how our solutions can help your organization achieve your mission.


Information Assurance Program Management

Radius can help you manage security throughout your IT system’s lifecycle. Using our proven CyberSafe™ framework, we help our clients establish a comprehensive security program that takes a 360 degree approach that leverages state-of-the-art tools; incorporates industry accepted best-practices such as ITIL, COBIT, and CMMI; and is executed by our experienced subject matter experts.


Computer Network Defense

icn_1_CND_2Radius realizes that computer networks are under constant attack. Our primary goal is the quick detection and prevention of security violations on a system. Our Computer Network Defense (CND) professionals possess the necessary training and experience to identify network security vulnerabilities, monitor the network of intrusion attempts and virus activity, and defend the network by patching or mitigating vulnerabilities.


Network Infrastructure Support

icn_2_NIS_2Radius ensures that mission critical systems continue to operate optimally and in the most efficient manner, allowing users easy access to required information and tools. We provide network strategy and optimization services to help your network become more responsive to shifting business demands and the latest trends. We can build an agile and integrated network by introducing technologies like software-defined networking and network function virtualization in the planning phase.

Geographic Information Systems

icn_3_GIS_2Radius develops enterprise-wide geographic information system mobile solutions with real-time image and mapping availability accessible across multiple platforms. We offer secure GIS solutions, system development, and infrastructure support around GIS data analysis, reporting and image processing. We leverage standard data sets to analyze geospatial information that enables our customers to solve critical problems. We have deep experience with evaluating geospatial information production processes to provide/report advanced intelligence analytics.


Physical & Personnel Security

icn_5_PPS_2Physical Security

We offer a set of proactive and preemptive solutions that include technical surveillance counter measures and personnel security. We implement, continually test and update our solutions as a rigorous life-cycle approach to maintaining an agency’s information and technology security posture.


Technical Surveillance Counter Measures


Our TSCM teams conduct surveys at government and contractor facilities.  Our US Government trained and certified TSCM technicians perform non-alerting examinations of the electronic spectrum in and around the selected sites, identify and neutralize clandestine technical surveillance devices and identify technical security hazards that may compromise protected information and systems.